History of sailing vessel Stormvogel - Sailing vessel Stormvogel, sailing in an authentic way

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History of sailing vessel Stormvogel

The Stormvogel is a "Tjalk" and had been built in 1912 as a cargo vessel by Wolthuis at Veendam (Groningen). At 1993, it has been saved from demolition and has been transformed bac to its old self.

At January 30th 2004, the Stormvogel had been set on fire. Afterwords, a lot changed. The fire nearly destroyed the vessel. One member of the management ended his function. The remaining member (Peter Verboom) had to look for new members. His brothers took office. Together with "the friends of the Stormvogel", they started rebuilding the vessel. Cleaning, eliminating the twisted steel, re-modeling the hull.. And then the reconstruction.

During the activities, a plan started. To save the vessel in the future, money has to be made with it: adjustments are necessary. Caused by the fire, the status of museum had been lost. To restore the vessel was financially impossible to the foundation. Only one option was left: rebuilding with adjustments for the new plans without losing the character of an authentic vessel.

Meanwhile, the Stormvogel is adjusted to make sure 12 guests will experience a day to remember. The biggest change are the seats outside, where the guests safely and comfortable can enjoy the outdoor excitement on board of a vessel. The previous cargo hole is now converted to a lounge with toilet, sink and berths.

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